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Why use a copywriter?
A Copywriter is a person, skilled in the use of language, who specialises in writing text, or “copy”, for the purposes of getting a promotional message across clearly and effectively. This could be text for advertisements, promotional brochures and other public relations communication. Copywriters may also focus on writing general copy that promotes a product or a website and is not ultimately promotional. In this case, they may be called content writers. 
A small business owner may engage a Copywriter to take on part of the Marketing. Especially when they are already too busy running the business and making sales to do it themselves. A good Copywriter should confirm a Job Brief about what is required so that both parties are clear about what the end result will be. This should include language style, tone of voice, target market, aim, Unique Selling Proposition and Call to Action, amongst other things. So, why use a Copywriter?
  • Save time and effort leaving you to run the business
  • Create a strong promotional message as part of the product campaign
  • Ensure objectivity and clear thinking copy (as opposed to subjective emotional text)
  • For professional writing support when words fail you